Thursday, September 1, 2016

File locked on Snap Server

We use Overland Snap Servers for some of our network shares. Sometimes a file will get locked and even if we try to close it using windows management with the correct user name and password of the server, it will tell us access is denied.

What I have to do is SSH to the snap server, log in and run this command:

lsof|grep -i /path/to/filename

This will give you a PID of the file.

Once you have the PID you can kill it with this command:

kill -9 pid

If you get any errors while trying to do the commands, make sure you are root. To do this on the snap server log in via SSH as the user you would normally log in on the web GUI. then type:


su -

It will ask for a password. This will be the same password you used to log in.

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