Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RSS Reader

Since Google Reader is being removed people have been scrambling to find another RSS Reader. A friend of mine mentioned The Old Reader. You have the option to import your current Google Reader feeds as well (in the form of  download from Google and then and Upload to the Old Reader).

I hope you find this useful. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Takeover Of your Personal Freedom

I eat, sleep and breathe 1's and 0's. I LOVE computers, technology, mobile phones and pretty much anything with a computer chip in it. When i first started in the mid 90's the internet was very new to the public. I connected to prodigy, netcom and AOL with a modem and DOS. SSL didn't exist and privacy wasn't really a big issue back then. Not many people were "online", and you really couldn't upload much to servers.

Now you have two major players grabbing everything they can about you. Facebook and Google. Below is an article that explains very plainly what Google is doing. It's very scary and something I've been concerned about for a while. I have the same concerns for FB. The hard part is, how do we break away from this? On one hand Google has some great apps (i love gmail and gtalk) but they know everything we do. Do you see why I am also concerned about CISPA? Companies like Google and FB want it to pass. If it does, they have no legal ramifications for handing over our data. They are immune. And both of these companies know us better than we know ourselves. 

What do we do? I'm not sure. I think what we need is some new blood in this arena. More competition. "But they are way to big" you say. True, but look at Novell, Microsoft and Apple.

Novell was the king on networking OS's for a long time. Microsoft dethroned them.

Microsoft was the king of PC's OS's. Apple and Linux has taken a good chunk of it now. 

Apples iPhone is taking a beating from, none other than Google's Android.

While these are a few rough comparisons, my point is, it can be done. What goes up, must come down. It just takes a few people to come up with an idea. 

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