Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is Minecraft crashing on you (or your kids) when playing?

Normally I talk about servers and work related fixes but today I'm going a little off base and talking about a video game. The reason I am doing this is because even video games you have to troubleshoot at times.

My son is playing Minecraft and every so often it crashes with an error similar to this (I grabbed this from google images so its not the exact error, but close):

I looked high and low for a fix, updating video drivers and even moving to the new minecraft.exe launcher that supposedly doesn't need java. Nothing worked. 

The fix, as it turn out is to open the options.txt file and change fboEnable:true to fboEnable:false.

This little change seems to have fixed it. The way we found the fix was another kid saw his Minecraft crashing during a Minecraft league and helped us out.

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